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We help in Accounting Homework Help for Cost Accounting Homework Help , Management Accounting Homework Help & Financial Accounting Assignments Help. We also help in Finance papers, Financial Management Homework Help, Accounts & Finance related typical questions solutions.

 We help in following areas of Accounting & Finance viz.,

(1) Income Statement & Balance Sheet (2) Trial Balance & Journal Entries (3) Bonds Valuation & Shares (4) Cash Flow Statement & Funs Flow Statement (5) Financial Statement Analysis & Financial statement reporting (6) Budgeting (7) Cost Accounting & Cost Analysis (8) Stocks, Swaps, Futures Contracts (9) Options Contract - Call & Put Options (10) YTM, NPV, IRR, MIRR (11) Capital Budgeting (12) Investment Management (13) Security Analysis & Portfolio Management (14) Project Evaluation (15) Others viz., Responsibility Accounting , Forensic Accounting, Intl. FM, Forex Mgmt etc.

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